Bespoke Brand Work | Gladstone's Land, Edinburgh

In June 2018 I collaborated with The National Trust for Scotland to design and create the new logo for Gladstone's Land, the Royal Mile Edinburgh.

Working closely with the Property Manager, I created a design that incorporates the history of the 500 year old property and it's previous tenants. Falconry, one of the oldest forms of hunting, witnessed a resurgence during the Renaissance. During this period the practice of falconry was subject to certain guidelines; an individual's status within society determined which breed of bird they could use to hunt. We chose the Saker Falcon because they were traditionally used by knights, such as Sir James Crichton of Fendraught, who lived in Gladstone's Land in the 1630s. Additionally, falconry hood have been used for hundreds of years within the falconry industry as a means of calming the birds of prey. The inspiration for the column originated from the columns that can seen at the front of the property, one of the oldest features of the property that still exists today.

I arranged a photoshoot with the company Just Falconry Borders, and Spirit, their Saker Falcon (pictured below). I painted the three separate Acrylic ink paintings for the logo: the Saker Falcon, the falconry hood and the column, and these were photoshopped together to create the basis of the new logo. Further photoshop cast this in a copper monochrome finish.

The brand-work company, Eastern, then transformed the artwork into the new logo that you can see today on the front of Gladstone's Land on the Royal Mile.

The Finished Work: The Re-Branding of Gladstone's Land | The National Trust for Scotland

The Design Process

My reference photograph of Spirit, the Saker Falcon

The three acrylic ink paintings of the Saker Falcon, the column and the falconry hood

The falcon, hood and column photoshopped together, and the painting translated into the copper logo