Medicinal Herb Illustrations | Falkland Palace, Fife

I was recently commissioned by The National Trust for Scotland to produce something quite different from my usual subject matter - a series of 400 year old inspired medicinal herb illustrations.

These herb drawings were inspired by John Gerard's The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes, first published in 1597. This publication contains intricate illustrations of herbs and flowers which would have served as a guide of flora that could be used for medicinal purposes. Books such as this provide us with a better understanding of what would have been used in 16th century apothecaries and remedies.

A Series of Medicinal Herb Illustrations for Falkland Palace | The National Trust for Scotland

These illustrations will be used in a variety of ways; from replica 16th century pamphlets advertising the latest medicine to featuring in a leather-bound herbalist book. My artwork will be displayed alongside the work of carpenter, Leo Norris, and potter, Michelle Lowe, to bring the apothecary to life. The aim is to create an authentic insight into the 1600s and provide a tangible, educational experience for visitors.

For more information on the creative process, the collaboration of artisans and volunteers, and the research behind the project, click on the following link:

The Apothecary in the Cellars at Falkland Palace | The National Trust for Scotland